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Bathroom Flooring, Hygienic and Safety First
Because of the nature of a bathroom with its sometimes very wet environment, bathroom flooring needs to be not only attractive and fit in with the suite, but it also needs to be waterproof to safeguard the rooms that may be underneath it and to avoid the problems associated with mold. It also needs to be comfortable and above all safe. The bathroom can be a very dangerous room and serious injury can occur if the user should slip and fall. Further, because the toilet is, in most cases, also located in the bathroom the flooring needs to be hygienic and easy to clean.

The choice of bathroom flooring should be made with the plans of the family members in mind. If the family plans to stay in the home for a long time, they might want to choose bathroom flooring that will last for years. If they will only be in the house for a short time, their choice of flooring should reflect this. Marble flooring is more expensive than other materials for bathroom flooring, but it will last for many years, it is also a colder type of floor and more suited to a warmer climate or for underfloor heating. The maintenance of the floor is another point that should be borne in mind when choosing bathroom flooring. Some bathroom flooring is easier to care for than other types. The person who will be caring for the floor should be consulted and included in the selection process.

Bathroom Flooring Choices Range Widely.
Carpeting in the bathroom can feel warm to those stepping out of the shower or bath, but carpeting in the bathroom can retain the water that comes from a person getting out of the tub or stepping out of the shower plus any water that might leak out of the shower or bath. Because of this, carpeting in the bathroom probably will not last as long as ceramic tile or marble. Marble flooring is very attractive and will last for many years, but marble flooring might be very slippery and dangerous when wet. This type of flooring is beautiful and easy to wipe dry and to clean up with cleansers and water.

Not many people choose to have hardwood flooring in their bathrooms these days because of the constant maintenance required to keep it looking beautiful and free from stains, it is however, a very good looking flooring and will last if it is maintained properly. Laminate flooring is also an attractive option for the bathroom. It too requires proper installation and sealing against any leaks just like hardwood. Both of these types of flooring can be very slippery when wet and therefore, dangerous. They both can suffer from water spills and leaks, professional advice should be sought before installing either one.



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