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Armstrong Laminate Flooring


Beautiful, Durable
For the look and feel of expensive floor coverings, commercial grade even, but without the commercial grade expense, the durable faux wood or stone finish Armstrong laminate flooring cannot be beaten. Whether you want upgrade your hall, living room or kitchen, any room in fact, then Armstrong laminate flooring has the style, design and color to suit your taste

Construction of the Armstrong laminate flooring is made up of laminations of four layers to provide everything you need in a flooring material. The top layer is transparent and designed to protect the floor against wear. The abrasion classification tells you how well the layer protects the second layer from wear and for residential applications an abrasion classification of three is usually sufficient.

The next layer of an Armstrong laminate flooring is a photo image of stone or wood, or other material, which makes the flooring appear more realistic, closely resembling the real thing. The inner core is made up of high-density fiberboard, impregnated with melamine gives the flooring its strength and durability. The fourth layer, or the bottom layer, is made of paper saturated with resin to provide moisture resistance to help prevent warping.

Installation Options Provide Versatility
Armstrong laminate flooring is an interlocking floating floor, this means it can be installed over almost any existing floor. High pile carpet will need to be removed, however and a sub-floor material may occasionally be needed to reduce noise and provide a vapor barrier, This flooring with its tongue and groove design can be installed over an existing floor. It is not necessary to nail or glue it to the sub-floor or existing materials. This means that it can be removed easily if required.

Where moisture could be present, as in a bathroom or kitchen it may be advisable to, not only seal the edges of the floor, but also glue the tongue and groove joints so that there is little chance of any moisture penetration to the underside of the Armstrong laminate flooring.

Armstrong laminate flooring can be used in any part of a house on any floor. It can be used above or below grade without problems, however it should be borne in mind that where there is a moisture issue as previosly mentioned serious thought should be given to the installation methodology. There is no doubt that Armstrong laminate flooring can enhance the attractiveness and durability of your floors, however the laminate will not last as long as a real hardwood or stone floor. A further consideration is the fact that laminate floors cannot be refinished if they become faded or scratched etc. but since they are floating floors, it is relatively easy to replace all or part of the floor.


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